10 Things That Should Always Be Equal In Relationships No Matter What

10 Things That Should Always Be Equal In Relationships No Matter What


There will absolutely be times when one person has a better time in bed than the other, but the important thing is that both people are making an equal amount of effort to please each other. Selfishness in bed is an unattractive quality even in a FWB relationship, but in a serious romantic relationship, it can cause bigger problems than a lack of satisfaction in the sack. If you’re giving blowjobs every night but your partner can’t be bothered to prioritize your orgasm, you need to get out.


People often pay too much attention to the age difference between partners and not enough attention to how mature they are. Even if there’s a fairly significant age gap between you, the numbers aren’t really important — the age you act is what really counts. If one person is still living like a freshman in college and the other has an established career and is completely self-sufficient, what kind of future are you expecting to build together?


It’s perfectly fine to want your partner to have a stable job, a healthy lifestyle, and their own place. But in that case, you need to meet those standards as well. It’s unfair and unhealthy to expect your partner to be picture-perfect when you yourself can’t even meet the height of the bar you’ve set. Both people in a relationship should have a balanced ratio of the standards they’re setting and the standards they’re meeting.

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