10 Things You’re Too Damn Awesome To Be Settling For In A Relationship

10 Things You’re Too Damn Awesome To Be Settling For In A Relationship

You probably have let your exes get away with some serious BS, but now you’re older, wiser, and pretty damn awesome and it’s time to raise the bar for your future partners by refusing to put up with these things in your relationships.


Sex is a criminally understated component of healthy relationships, and you should know better than to accept mediocre sex in your life. You’ve probably had enough sex by now to know the difference between good and bad, and you’re too badass to say that you’re “fine” with staying in a relationship because the X-rated side of things is the only part that sucks. You deserved to be boned right for the rest of your life.


There was a time when it was acceptable to be or date someone who was scared of committing to one person or use terms like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” But you’re a strong, badass woman now and you deserve to have a mature partner who’s proud to call you theirs. You don’t have to be looking to settle down to refuse to date someone who’s scared of something real with you.


You and your potential partners have spent enough of your lives talking that you should know how to do it right by now. Skirting around tough subjects for the sake of avoiding arguments is something that’s acceptable when you’re an awkward teenager, not when you’re an adult. By this point, you and your partner should both know how to wait your turn to speak, listen, and share your point of view without resorting to things like the silent treatment or name-calling.

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