Women Hate Them Without Realizing It

20 Ways Men Make Women Hate Them Without Realizing It

It’s not that women are overly sensitive creatures or even that easily offended — it’s just that men are really good at saying the wrong thing. Guys, if you’re perplexed about the last time your girlfriend huffed her way out of the room, perhaps this list will help you figure out why she’s still not returning your texts.

1. Referring To Your Superior Strength

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The whole “I’m here to protect you” vibe ended with the first wave of feminism. Now it’s just annoying and outdated.

2. Saying “You’re Really Good At X, For a Girl…”

This kind of talk should have ended in middle school, and it would be hard to find a woman that doesn’t think that way.

3. Bashing On Her Friends’ “Girly” Traits

Making fun of how girls have to tell each other everything won’t get you very far in their world.

4. Not Texting Her Back Until She Mentions Something You Want…

… like sex or pizza delivery. Remember that her texts about the latest annoying thing her boss did were sent with the intention of being answered, too.

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