15 Points If You're Wondering What Characterizes True Love Is

15 Points If You’re Wondering What Characterizes True Love Is

  1. You are excellent collaborators.

True love leads two people to work together as teammates and partners in the most important aspects of life.

  1. The joys far outweigh the struggles.

No relationship is without problems, but true love brings many more highs than lows.

  1. You don’t feel the need to change the other person.

You accept your partner as he or she is while encouraging growth and development.

  1. Your partner inspires you toward greatness.

The best lovers know how to spur each other onward and upward.

  1. You sailed through the infatuation stage and are going strong.

The early stages of romance can be misleading, with all the supercharged emotions, but true love grows deeper even as infatuation fades.

  1. You’ve overcome obstacles.

Love must be tested by adversity to know if it’s sturdy enough to last over the long haul.

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