17 of the Greatest Places to Explore Unsolved Mysteries

17 of the Greatest Places to Explore Unsolved Mysteries

There’s something especially exciting about a mystery, and the world is filled with them, from Easter Island to Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza. If you like a good mystery, these destinations are some of the best for exploring them.

Petra, Jordan

Ancient City of Petra, Jordan

The ancient City of Petra is located in the region known as “Ma’an” in Jordan. The lost city that was believed to have been built in the first century BC, is a majestic place that still holds hidden secrets waiting to be unveiled. It was re-discovered in 1812 by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, who’d spent many years studying Arabic and the history of Islam. Archaeological excavations in the area have shown that the area was first occupied more than 9000 years ago. The city is made up of hundreds of tombs, houses, a theater that could fit more than 3000 people, temples, obelisks and altars where animals were sacrificed to calm angry gods or ask for favors.

To enter the city, you must pass through the narrow Siq Valley, with walls towering on each side and the massive pillars gradually rising into view. The first thing you’ll see is the carved Treasury, though some scholars believe that it’s actually a ceremonial tomb. Just 15% of the city has yet been uncovered, the other 85% remaining untouched underground.

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