17 of the Greatest Places to Explore Unsolved Mysteries

17 of the Greatest Places to Explore Unsolved Mysteries

The Loch Ness Monster, Scotland

Loch Ness

On December 6, 1933, the Daily Express published a photo of a “monster” that was apparently lurking in Scotland’s Loch Ness. Since then, there have been police investigations, scientific studies, calls of a hoax and countless reported sightings of a “creature” swimming within the depths of the loch’s dark waters. Described as having a long serpentine neck, “Nessie,” as locals call her, has been theorized to be the last in a long line of surviving plesiosaurs, but no solid evidence to verify this has ever been uncovered. Many visitors to Scotland head to its most famous loch to try to catch a glimpse of the notorious monster, but if you don’t manage to spot her, you can always explore Urquhart Castle, once one of the country’s largest. While only the ruins of this medieval fortress remain, you can enjoy gorgeous views from the site of the iconic loch, while still keeping an eye out for Nessie.

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