25 Texts You Should Never Send To A Woman

4. “K”

If you’re so lazy you can’t type one extra letter, then you’re an idiot. Besides, “K” is really feminine.

5. Emoticons

Much like “K,” these are for girls. I mean, how masculine do you really think can be?

6. Emoti-Penises

No explanation should be necessary.

7. Multiple Unanswered Texts

No matter what you’re asking or telling her, if she’s not responding, she has her reasons, whether they’re valid or not. Every additional text you send makes her lock her knees together a little tighter.

8. “What do you want to do?”

Goddammit. Every guy knows when you ask a girl out, you’re the one who has to decide what you’re doing. Putting it in text form doesn’t change this.

9. Your Junk

I shouldn’t even have to say this. Even if she asks for it (which she probably won’t), this is always a terrible idea.

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