7 Diet Myths You Should Ignore According To Dr Michelle Braude

7 Diet Myths You Should Ignore According To Dr. Michelle Braude

3. Myth: Healthy food won’t make you gain weight

It is essential to understand that just because a particular food is deemed ‘healthy’, does not mean that it can be eaten in unlimited quantities. Even if you stick to consuming only healthy foods such as nuts, hummus, avocado, olive oil and dark chocolate, it is still important to watch your portion sizes if weight loss is your goal, explains Michelle.

For example, whilst there are many benefits in consuming a little olive oil, if you pour it liberally over your pasta and dip your bread in it, it will lead to excessive calories and eventual weight gain. The same goes for nuts – learn what a normal serving size looks like (it’s very easy to eat the whole big bag!) and portion out accordingly.

4. Myth: Carbs make you fat

Cutting out carbs completely from your diet may lead to weight loss at first, but it is not sustainable, nor healthy, and you’ll end up very quickly feeling tired, lethargic, cranky and irritable, warns Michelle.


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