8 of the World’s Most Extreme Ski Destinations

8 of the World’s Most Extreme Ski Destinations

La Grave, France

La Grave has been called the Most Extreme Ski Resort in the world, and after embarking on the 40-minute climb to the top of this imposing mountain via cable car, you’re likely to agree. The huge 30-gondola lift brings you 7,000 feet up the mountain, dropping you off completely on your own, above crevasses, glaciers, 1,000-foot cliffs, no fall zones and lots of extreme, rough terrain. There is no grooming, no ski runs, no signs or ropes, and no ski patrol. It’s called the grave for a reason – people die here, which means it’s only for the serious, experienced extreme skier – getting down on your own accord is everything from a challenge to absolutely terrifying.

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