Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should be Backpacking in Bulgaria

9 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should be Backpacking in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a backpacker’s heaven in many ways – it’s an affordable country, full of hidden gems, and versatile. But that’s not all, so check out our list of reasons why you should consider buying a ticket and heading for Bulgaria on your next backpacking trip.

It’s affordable

If there’s a surefire sign a backpacker will like a country, it is how cheap it is. You can travel in Bulgaria for two weeks at a fraction of the price you would pay for a week-long trip in Western Europe.

You will experience culture shock again

Traveling can become more and more predictable and kind of bland because you have seen every sight on the internet before really visiting it. In Bulgaria, however, you still have the chance to experience a culture shock, especially if you diverge from the main routes and head to the villages.

Its mountains are gorgeous and crisscrossed by marked tracks

Choose the Rhodopes if you like curvier, softer mountains with more forests, and Rila or Pirin if you enjoy rocky, rugged mountainous landscapes. A night at a mountain hut normally costs between four and 10 euros. While the conditions are basic and the rooms usually host from four to 15 guests, this is not something that will scare a seasoned backpacker. Take a map and a compass, or hire a guide if you are not confident about your orientating skills.

There are a few unique traditions you can watch (or join)

Has the idea of walking barefoot on living embers ever crossed your mind? In Bulgaria, this is a tradition observed every year on June 3. June is the month of the Rose Festival, while January to March is the period of the monster festivals called Kukeri. Whenever you come to Bulgaria, you have something exciting to add to your calendar.

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