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Adorable Paper Turkey Craft That Encourages Thankfulness in Children

Today i will explain to you Adorable Paper Turkey Craft That Encourages Thankfulness in Children, this DIY idea is verry amaying and you have to try at home. To improve your sweet home you have to learn this guide. Ok, Here Adorable Paper Turkey Craft That Encourages Thankfulness in Children and i believe you will love it.

There are a lot of different “thankful”  ideas during the month of November. We do something new each year to help us celbrate Thanksgiving. This year I thought of something that my kids loved, that has to do with being thankful and of course, a turkey design is involved. If you like holiday crafts, I think you will enjoy making this Paper Turkey Craft with your child and getting to talk about things y’all are thankful for. This craft will be a little easier if you child can write on his/her own but if your child isn’t quite there yet, you can definitely write their “thankful” word down for them!

Paper Turkey Craft Tutorial

paper turkey craft

Supplies Needed for your Thankful Turkey Pouch Craft:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler/Tape
  • Markers
  • String

How To Make Paper Turkey Craft:

Starting with your construction paper, draw out an oval shaped turkey body. You will need a front and back for the pouch part, so place a second sheet of paper under the first before you cut it out.

Then draw out the head and feathers. We drew out 5 feathers but you can have as many feathers as you want! Once everything is sketched out, cut the parts of the turkey out.

Take your turkey body’s front and back and staple them together to make a little pouch (this pouch will hold the pieces of paper that have “thankful” word on them).

Next, staple or tape the turkey head and turkey feathers onto the body.

The last step of this Paper Turkey Craft is to tape the string onto the back of the turkey body so that the turkey can be hung up. I would suggest hanging your child’s turkey somewhere that is in a place where they will see it often (the pantry door, garage door, in your front entrance etc…).

thanksgiving thankful crafts

What to do with the Thankful Turkey Pouch: have small strips of paper and a pencil near or beside the turkey. At least once a day, remind your child to write down one thing that they are thankful for and place it in the Turkey Pouch. They can place as many words as they want to into their Turkey Pouch but I recommend at least one per day.

On Thanksgiving, your child can grab their Paper Turkey Craft and share what they are thankful for by reading their strips of paper!! Have you made a Thanksgiving thankful craft with your child before?

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