Understanding These 3 Types Of Relationship

Don’t Be Fooled By Fake One, By Understanding These 3 Types Of Relationship

  1. The love you never see coming.

Then the third love is the love that that comes from out of nowhere. The love that you never see coming. The love that changes your whole idea of love but then looking back you couldn’t think of love in any other way. This love you can’t explain the connection. You can’t explain how easy things come. You can’t explain the feelings that are running through your head, but at the same time, it all makes sense.

This love is the love where everything just fits; you don’t have to try so hard anymore to be someone you’re not, the pressure to be perfect is gone because everything is already perfect. This isn’t the love that we thought we’d have, but it’s so much better.

This is the love that feels right, the one we know is right, the great love.

I never understood it — falling in love with three people was something of a foreign concept to me. How was that possible? All the storybooks and fairytales I read when I was younger said you fell in love with one person and that was it, that was your happy ever after. For the longest time, I couldn’t comprehend how on earth a person could give their heart to more than one person but really love one person forever. It wasn’t until I took a step back and really, really thought things over until it hit me.

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