Here Are 5 Types Of Love, And Only One Of Them Is The True Love One

Here Are 5 Types Of Love, And Only One Of Them Is The True Love One

Chances are you’ve experienced a few of these.

We have all heard that love is a battlefield. But does that mean that all love is worth fighting for?

Probably not. All love is not the same. There are a lot of misconceptions about what true love really is. But that does not mean that all love is not pure.

Real, true, pure love is simple. Not always easy, but not something that feels like a constant burden. It is a total dedication to building a partnership and life together. Yin and Yang in perfect harmony. This love absolutely does exist and it happens when you find the right person. It takes work but it is all worth it. This is the love that is worth fighting for.

Tough love

A love that is strict. A love that holds you down on your seat and will demand you to be proper and responsible. A controlling type which decides how you should act and tells you who you should be. Sometimes physical pain is inflicted but one could not leave for believing that this love is what they deserve and this is the love that they need.


Where are you going?

Who are you going out with?

What time are you going to be home?

Why are you like this and that?

When are you going to listen to me?

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