You Have To Know These 13 Things About Your Partner Before Marriage

Here How I Broke 10 Mainstream Dating Rules To Got My Forever Guy


As a writer in a prestigious group at the time, I needed to put in those extra hours. My guy worked for the competition, though he was in marketing. But I never let my job interfere with us and I never let our relationship get in the way of my work. There would be days I came home at four in the morning and left again at 10:00 am. Sure he complained—I mean, who wouldn’t?—but I never hid the fact that I was and still am a career-oriented gal. Things have been bumpy at times but never uncomfortable. He’s used to finding me sitting in a nook with my laptop, tapping away at odd hours of the night. He makes me a coffee or hot chocolate and drops a kiss on my head. Yes, I am lucky.


There’s never a good time for a no-holds-barred conversation. It’s always awkward and the longer you wait; it gets harder to unpack all that baggage. Also, I didn’t like the idea to emotionally invest in someone and then confess it all, only to have it all dumped on me later. So I offloaded all the baggage I had pretty early on. I let him know that being with me would be a challenge on even the best of my days. He stayed and he’s still up to the challenge.

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