Try These 5 Healthy Energy Booster Food To Enhanced Your Workout

Instead of Coffee, Try These 5 Healthy Energy Booster Food To Enhanced Your Workout

If you’re struggling to stay awake at your desk by the time the afternoon rolls around, it’s time to re-think your diet. To maintain your stamina throughout a busy workday, you’ll need smart foods for lots of energy.

Small changes to what you’re eating might make all the difference, since a variety of well-balanced foods can stabilize your blood sugar and iron levels to prevent a mid-day lag.

“Eating a combination of protein, fat and healthy natural carbs helps maintain energy via vitamins and minerals,” says Valerie Goldstein, M.S., R.D., director of nutrition at the Center for Balanced Health.

That’s the reason you feel depleted when you’re running on high-calorie, low-nutrient foods. “The crash is the end result of a domino effect when we are eating less than optimal nutrients,” Goldstein says. “It’s important to provide yourself with good fuel that your body can use all day long.”

Here are the eight surprising foods that will keep you running steady.


Seaweed is packed with the energy-producing mineral, iodine.

“Iodine helps create energy through its biochemical reactions and its role with the thyroid hormones,” says Goldstein. Try noshing on seaweed snacks throughout the day.etty

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