Mortise and Tenon Issue Five

In this section we will share to you Mortise and Tenon Issue Five, this DIY idea is verry cool and you have to try at home. To improve your lovely house you need this guide. Ok, check out Mortise and Tenon Issue Five and i believe you will love it.

Mortise and Tenon issue five is out now. My copy arrived last week, and it’s another treat for the eyes and the mind. Each issue just gets better and better. It’s a good blend of the why with a healthy dose of how-to mixed in. Perhaps it’s my Scandinavian heritage, but the first article that caught my eye was Kate Fox’s viking sea chest. She goes into the history behind this very intriguing form and details how she built one, starting with a raw log (and no saws!).

Another article that will be read and re-read by me is the in-depth look at woodworking with young children. Getting children into the mindset of making things out of wood is an effort near and dear to my heart. Joshua Klein and Michael Updegraff share their expertise on the subject, with some of the cutest woodworking pictures I’ve seen in a long time. But it’s not fluff – I have no doubt their kids will have much workshop time in their futures.

I also really enjoyed the examination of an antique mahogany tea table. The photographs are incredible, and seeing a master’s work up close is something that’s not easily accomplished in a print article. But they pull it off in spades, here, with enough photos to answer any questions I had about joinery, surface details and materials.

But that’s just a start. There is also not one, but two articles on woodworkers who work (or worked) in apartment workshops, an in-depth examination of Chester Cornett’s work, woodworking in classic literature and much more. You can pick up your own copy at, because I’ll be reading and re-reading mine for the next few months while I wait in eager anticipation for the next issue.

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