11 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Can Turn Dangerous In A Relationship

10 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Can Turn Dangerous In A Relationship

In isolated circumstances, certain behaviors may seem innocent enough, but these habits can manifest into relationship-ending and downright dangerous situations if they become a habit. Here are a few that might get out of hand.


This is never innocent. I know that sometimes you don’t even realize it’s flirting until it’s gotten out of hand, but this is such a bad idea if you actually care about your partner and your relationship. Flirting with another guy and not ending it as soon as you realize that’s what’s happening degrades trust, undermines how you say you feel about your partner, and just makes you look sleazy. If you aren’t getting enough attention at home, then do something about it—but not with another guy.


So you stopped at the mall on your way home to grab a new lipstick for the weekend when you said you’d stop spending money and come right home. No biggie, right? Well… kind of. Although you’re a grown woman and can do what you want and this slight change of plans shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s more about keeping your word than what you’re actually doing instead. If your partner can’t trust you, do you really think they’ll want to stay with you?



This one actually has dangerous implications. I’m not an alarmist, but if you lie about where you are and something happens to you, how is your significant other supposed to help you if they don’t know where you are? Stuff happens and the world is a crazy place, so tell them you stopped at the mall or you’re having happy hour drinks with your coworkers and you’ll be home soon.

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