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In this section we will share to you The 10 Most Incredible Drill Hacks | Family Handyman, this DIY idea is verry beautiful and you need to try at home. To beautify your lovely house you need this guide. Ok, check out The 10 Most Incredible Drill Hacks | Family Handyman and i believe you will love it.

There are a few items that every DIYer has in their tool bag from day one. Screwdrivers, hammers, utility knives, and of course a cordless driver/drill. It wasn’t that long ago that drills were considered of limited use, at least for the average user. But DIY enthusiasts soon began to hack their drills, and manufacturers rushed to keep up. Today, innovations like extended-life batteries, variable speeds controls, and keyless chucks have made the humble drill one of the most useful items in the DIY toolbox. From the practical to the just plain fun, we’ve assembled 10 tips to take your run-of-the-mill drill to the next level!


Electric Can Opener

This hack takes a simple kitchen can opener and converts it into a high-powered electric device. Remove the handle from a manual can opener (they usually pop off with a twist or the removal of a cotter pin) to reveal the handle axle. Insert that axle into the chuck of your drill, and presto— electric can opener!

While you’re in the kitchen, you may consider pouring yourself a glass of wine, only to find that you’ve misplaced the opener. Conveniently, there’s no shortage of ways to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew!

Power Clean

Speed up cleaning tasks by adding a brush to your drill’s attachment collection. This hack lets you deep-clean hard-to-reach parts of your home, and the variable speed of your drill means that you won’t damage any fine materials along the way. Here’s a more extensive break-down of the steps to make this incredibly useful DIY power cleaner.

HH Nail drill bit

Quick and Easy Pilot Holes

From time to time you may find yourself working with temperamental material that is prone to splitting when you hammer into it. The best solution is to drill a pilot hole, but what do you do if you don’t have the proper size bit on hand? Sure, you could make a run to the hardware store, but why not use a nail to get your pilot hole started?

Simply lop of the head of the nail, insert the nail body into your drill chuck, and you’re ready to roll! This how-to breaks down all the steps needed to start implementing this great hack.

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