The Great Toilet Paper Debate | Mo

In this section i will share to you The Great Toilet Paper Debate | Mo, this DIY idea is verry amaying and you need to try at home. To beautify your lovely house you need this guide. Ok, Here The Great Toilet Paper Debate | Mo and i believe you will love it.

If you do not think that toilet paper should be hung up with the roll hanging over then you must be from another planet! lol  No, seriously…as funny as it may sound I just do not understand why someone would hang the toilet paper the opposite way. Not only does it not look right but it’s clear as daylight to see that it should go the other way. I wish it didn’t bother me as much as it does…….but it does!!! lol  Please stop the madness!!!

The video below clearly shows you that I am not crazy!!!!   #PETPEEVE

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