The Surprising Truth About Soulmate You Need To Read Right Now

The Surprising Truth About Soulmate You Need To Read Right Now

When I was single, I considered myself a good catch and said I wanted to get married. But the truth is, I thought being married was like being trapped and controlled. I kept meeting good men who were non-committal, until one day when I met my current husband.

He was the impetus for me to ask myself, “Which am I more committed to: getting married or my fears about marriage?” After much reflection, I realized that I had been more committed to my fears as evidenced by the non-committal men I attracted. It was then that I began to learn and believe that marriage is a place of freedom and support.

The universe brings you the right person based on where you’re at, depending on your level of consciousness and where you need to grow the most. If you’re still working through many internal issues, the best person can come along and you won’t be able to have your ideal relationship with him.

If you’re waiting for someone who meets your every wish and need, prepare yourself to be single for a very long time. If you’re open to the kind of soulmate I’ve described, understand that he may come in a different package.

While you may feel happy and peaceful around him, you may also feel challenged to stretch yourself by growing in areas that don’t come naturally to you.

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