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19 Things You Should Never Ask A Woman To Do

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Even now in the 21st century, there are some decidedly old-fashioned views about women. Between thinking she’ll whip up an excellent Sunday dinner because she looks cute in an apron and expecting her to appear flawless without any effort, it’s pretty easy for men to step out of line when it comes to the things they request of their female counterparts. To make sure you’re not asking the wrong thing, let’s clarify what you should never ask a woman to do.

1. Clean Up After You

It was your mess. Also, it may surprise you, but cleaning up someone else’s mess is a whole lot worse than having to clean up your own.

2. Make You A Sandwich

We get it, you’ve made a funny joke when you say things like, “Make me a sandwich, bitch,” without even throwing some eye contact our way. Unfortunately, when you actually expect a sandwich to materialize on a tray for you by the couch, it’s not a joke anymore, but a really rude demand.

3. Buy You A Drink

This is the case if she’s a stranger at a bar. Either allow her to offer you one, or offer yourself. I know, this negates the whole getting-rid-of-old-fashioned-habits agenda, but c’mon, do you or don’t you want to make a good impression when you’re out on the town?

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