Avoid These 10 Small Lies That Can Destroy Even The Strongest Marriage

19 Things You Should Never Ask A Woman To Do

4. Get On Her Knees


There are much kinder ways to request fellatio. This one happens to be particularly demeaning. Do you want the person who has one of the arguably most vulnerable and important parts of your body inside her mouth to be angry at you?

5. Match What You’re Drinking

Drinking with a lady shot for shot is physically going to get her more dangerously wasted than you. Save her the hangover and let her keep her wits about her.

6. Leave Right After Sex

Whether she’s into cuddling or not, she doesn’t not want to hear you say goodbye directly after you come. The reason for this is obvious — she will feel used.

7. Meet You At 3 A.M.

Unless you guys have an established booty call thing going, women aren’t going to take kindly to this gesture.

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